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Flower City CrossFit 5k
June 24th, 2017
US Airports Hangar
1299 Scottsville Road
Rochester, NY 14624

Registration Fees:
January 23 - February 28: $15
March 1 - May 1: $20
May 2 - June 23: $25
Race Day (June 24): $30

Flower City CrossFit Challenge begins at 8:30 am

To prepare here are some possible challenges:
  • Slam Balls - Start with a 12" medicine ball on the ground. Squat to pick it up and lift it overhead, slam the ball to the ground and catch it on the first bounce. The rep completes when the athlete catches the ball and stands up (full hip and knee extension)
  • Burpee Broad Jumps - A burpee, but instead of jumping up, do a broad jump (both feet jump together). The next rep begins at the point where the previous broad jump was completed
  • Push-ups - chest to deck
  • Air Squats - squat so that hip crease passes below the top of the knees
  • L-sits - Extend your legs in an "L" sitting position, supporting your weight on your arms with your feet not touching the ground
  • Bear Crawl - Crawling on all "fours"
  • Jumping Jacks - Jump spreading legs apart and arms up then jump and place legs together again and arms down
  • Jumping Lunges - jump and land in a lunge position. Alternate legs
  • Turkish Get Ups - go from standing to laying down, to standing again while supporting a 10 or 15 lb medicine ball above the head.
  • Up-Downs - aka - a squat-thrust
Looking for more of a challenge? The Flower City CrossFit Challenge takes place using the same course as the 5K, however along the way each participant must stop at 7 stations and complete each monitored challenge. Stations will vary from burpees, to kettle bells and much more. This course was a big hit last year!


If you are interested in sponsoring the 2016 event, please contact Jamie Rada with the Lifetime Assistance Foundation at (585) 784-5002 or email